Features — For Managers

Keep your business in the best shape possible through an advanced platform, customized to your needs.

Class Management

Organize class schedules and oversee participant attendance and waitlists.

Event & Camp Management

Keep track of and manage basic costs, add-ons, attendee types and deposits at the click of a button.

Private Services

Schedule private and semi-private sessions on a daily, weekly or monthly calendar.

Field Rental

Define available fields and manage one-time or recurrent reservations.

Client Data Management

Manage your clients’ profiles, their activity and attendance histories and their statements of account.

Expenses Management

Keep your expenses in check by overseeing utility costs and payroll, while also managing stock, non-stock item sales, sale returns, replenishment and stock movement.

Access Control

Give your staff and clients biometric and card access control.

Membership Management

Create customized membership packages such as passes and unlimited memberships and auto-renew current memberships.


Decide who can access what on the IN2 platform by assigning different access levels based on their roles.

Joelle Akl, Owner at Mandala

IN2 transformed our business

Ghady Awwad, Owner

Amazing application, it facilitated a lot to me, as a very busy business owner

Rafael Roots, Owner

I have been using In2 app for more than 2 years now. It has helped me to better manage my small fitness company. Thank you.

Virgina karafouilidis, Owner

In2 is our virtual Secretary!

Christian Azar, Owner

One of the best gym management solutions! Easy to use and very complete with so many essentials features for the daily operations such as detailed reporting, app for trainers and customers, POS and user access control so much more... Very good Value for Money!

Joe Khoury, Owner

Overall, our experience with In2 has been completely top notch from beginning to end. Very satisfying and easy to work with!

Jihane Corbani, Owner

Simply, the best way to manage my Studio!

Hassane, Manager

It's been a pleasure working with In2; the high levels of professionalism, support and value proposition makes them the perfect business partner

Nada toutounji, Owner

In2 has simplified all our management. With its organization, data collection and studies, it has turned Meraki into a well-oiled machine. Thank you! 

Marc Hajj, Owner

Great Experience and amazing staff and customer service 

Elie Warde, Instructor

IN2 was a great change in the system we used as trainers, easier to book sessions so both trainers and clients get a reminder few hours before the session timing, easier to know number of class bookings. Easy to add and cancel sessions. As we all know time is money, IN2 was a time saver, no time wasted in managing schedules 👏

Wassim, Owner

Very professional team and a promising product that gives a full and complete solution to Gym, Academies and other small or big businesses in the fitness industry. Good job IN2!!

Michel Karam, Owner

Very good experience

Farah Jouni, Manager

You are the best! In2 makes everything easier!

Javeir Ferrer, Owner


Jihane Fares, Administrator

I think that IN2 is a smart and efficient platform for all users. As an admin myself, it really simplifies the work, and as a yoga student it has been helpful with keeping track of schedules and classes. All studios should use it as it eliminates a load of misunderstandings or last-minute changes.

Tania Alatorre, Instructor

Has become easier to manage assistance at sessions as well as control over attendees.

Elftheria Papgeorgiou, Owner

Easy, lovely, necessary! The most important service which covers the needs of a business

Dana Saadeh, Owner

I am not big on technology and usually when asked to work on a new platform i get anxious but once i was introduced to IN2 my perspective changed and i cannot imagine having to work without it! It has made my life so much easier and that is a first for me when it comes to Apps! Thank you to everyone involved in making IN2 what it is!

Dina Joy Ornos, Administrator

IN2 is a good system that is useful and helps us a lot to make our works easy, I've love to recommend IN2 to my other friends as well. 

Wael Azar, Operation Manager

After having gone through a countless number of disappointing and costly programs, we found the optimal solution for our club in IN2. The software has increased our productivity and efficiency as a sports academy in a way that exceeded all expectations. The platform has been designed in a way that customized to our exact needs and we are thrilled of our experience.

Kaya Smith, Director of Sports Operations

We have many unique requirements but the responsiveness of the customer support and development team is extremely helpful and reassuring that we will continue to build a system to centralise and support all areas of our business.

Lea Debal, Owner

IN2 changed our life! We were doing everything manually and it took us days to prepare the payroll and do our monthly studies. Also, the staff is very helpful! 

Amir Eid, Owner

In2 is a user friendly system that helped make miami fitness factory management experience become one click away through the easily designed portal system... thumbs up in2 team!

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